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A good software firewall is also advised as Windows Firewall, whilst good, is protecting one-way (incoming) only by default, whereas a software one protects incoming and outgoing.

(Windows Firewall can be configured two-way with rules and exceptions etc.

First rule is, never have more than 1 antivirus application installed at once.

Two or more can interact with each other and allow infection in.

Types of ransomware The first step in ransomware prevention is to recognize the different types of ransomware you can be hit with.

Most computer users will have their own experience or know someone who has experienced rogue software being installed onto their system.

Although it comes in many forms, rogueware is often referred to as fake antivirus software which is a kind of program that tricks its way onto your computer and pretends to be a real antivirus application.

I knew the scan was bogus, that my computer had been infected with fake antivirus software (Fake AV). Fake AV is also known as “scareware” because it’s designed to scare you to into buying useless antivirus software that you don’t really need. A pop-up shows what appears to be a security scan that falsely detects dangerous or illegal files or programs.

I contacted the IT department and one of the techs ran a number of scans.

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