Dating datepad

Le Pavillon des Arts et du Design (PAD) ouvrira ses portes cette année, à Paris, avec près de soixante exposants.

Parmi ceux-là, de nombreux fidèles : Jacques Lacoste, Kreo, Clara Scremini...

The truth is that you never know what will happen in any other room.

Believe me, every pair of bad and scary in their own way.

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Here are the clever lines that he came up with for each date: At the close of each date he was prepared with a dolla-store rose.

And as long as she accepted it, there would be anther date! 😉 A BIG thanks to Thayne and Nicole for letting me share this fun idea!!

When Nicole awoke and stumbled across it, the fun would begin.

Each card had a riddle to tease her into what to expect for the evening.

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