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We hit it off pretty quickly, and on our 2nd date, she let me know that alcoholism ran in her family, and that she is a recovering alcoholic (9 years sober).

Side note: I here there is a joke about how you can tell two alcoholics are on their 2nd date?

World Service Organization published the ACA Fellowship Text (Steps and Traditions Book) in November 2006. Rather, ACA's aim is to build oneself up, assuming personal responsibility while equivocally standing up for one's immovable right to deserve a healthful life and achieve it.

An AA saying: If you (the alcoholic) are not part of the solution, then there is no solution. I'm hoping we can use the forum to discuss day to day issues, and get each other's thoughts on how to help our Significant Other.

I thought for sure that once I filled them in on all of the sordid details my all access pass to the cool club would be revoked and I would be left to wade through the dramas of adolescence alone.

I was surprised and secretly relieved when it appeared that my friends were hardly fazed by the details I shared.

I'm only 2/3rds of the way through the book, and it has helped me immensely in understanding her.

The book is written for Spouses, and presumes that the ACOA wants the help of the Spouse.

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