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The greatest thing happened when my world got rocked by a 30 hour labor, pre-pregnancy jeans that didn’t fit for weeks, a 10 mile run 6 weeks after giving birth that hurt more than my first hundred miler, and boobs that inflated and deflated like Lance Armstrong’s ego. I fully respected and appreciated the life of a parent. I watched other mothers around me stay at home, make homemade Halloween costumes and attend school fundraisers. I know, you probably haven’t heard of him, but I hear he’s gonna be a big star. After a Go Team Hoka cheer and secret handshake, we departed the registration area.

Falling down the slippery slope…not dreaming, but idealizing. Then, came the bout of “you are not good enough.” Where did all my self respect go? I got to catch up with my relatively unknown Hoka teammate Karl Meltzer.

I would sing to my child, decorate her nursery and dream of how lovely life would be. The A-type kid in school, never knowing thy own limits, a people pleaser at the expense of myself. And with that, I shuffled bibs and packets and chip timing anklets and it was done.

So you’re considering a foray into the weird and wonderful world of sugar babies, but you’re not sure where to start.

You’re in luck - Seeking Arrangement, a leading sugar daddy dating site with over 10 million members, is hosting a seminar for anyone interested in exploring “mutually beneficial relationships.” The Sugar Baby Summit, which will take place in London on May 18, aims to help aspiring sugar babies develop the skills needed to succeed.

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