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Thomas Hodges) is an internationally known dating and relationship coach for men.His knowledge and wisdom comes from having interviewed over 10,000 women during the last 35 years and posing fundamental questions on why a woman chooses to leave one guy and stay with another.I know it ain't cheap but it completely changed my way of thinking and raised my awareness as far as women are concerned.I completely fell in love with the book so much so that I made an Italian version of it that is now available on Doc Love's website! He has also interviewed several men that are ‘naturals’ in this area and never have trouble getting and keeping women.Doc Love’s thorough analysis of information gathered from his interviews has culminated in 4 volumes of work: THE SYSTEM – THE DATING DICTIONARY is the basic course that sets the foundation for everything else.

There is already a thread on Doc Love's products here.

A man can only raise her initial interest level provided she has a high enough attraction to him.

Doc Love rates a woman’s interest level on a scale of 0-100%, with 0% being totally indifferent and 100% being so madly in love she would take a bullet for you.

This is true for man alive on earth…even the most charming men such as Brad Pitt….there will always be some hot girls who wouldn’t care two hoots about Brad Pitt.

You can extrapolate the same thing to George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant…list goes on.

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