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This is the major centre whose best-known wares were produced in a Muslim kingdom, as opposed to by a workforce presumed to be largely Muslim, or Morisco, under Christian rule.

It was already celebrated for its gold lustrewares in the 14th century, and remained under Muslim rule until 1487, shortly before the fall of Granada, the last Moorish kingdom.

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Hispano-Moresque wares use both processes, applying the paint as an overglaze which is then fired again.

In the 13th and 14th centuries, in the mountainous region of the Rif along the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, a flour made from lightly grilled barley was used in place of wheat flour.

A recipe for asida that adds argan seed oil was documented by Leo Africanus (c.

It is particularly popular in Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Eritrea, and Sudan.

It is usually eaten by hand, without the use of utensils.

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