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Will import, analyze / refactor from XML Schema / JSON.

Oracle is a proud enterprise sponsor; with support.

The XML plugin is installed properly in the plugins subdir and the 3 DLLs are copied to the Notepad EXE subdirectory.

Other XML "validation" features work but there is no way to validate against an XSD.

XML data binding products have a number of limitations, although most of these are not serious in practice.

The XML Schema Working Group is closed, having completed its work successfully.

XML Schema also eliminates the need to learn another language, as it is written in XML, unlike DTD.

Another key advantage of XML Schema, is its ability to implement strong typing.

There are no options in the "XML Tools" plugin dropdown that provides for specifying an XSD file.

XML data binding is the binding of XML documents to objects designed especially for the data in those documents.

This allows applications (usually data-centric) to manipulate data that has been serialized as XML in a way that is more natural than using the DOM. In particular, XML data binding products support some way to map an XML schema (in the form of a DTD or XML Schema document) to an object schema (or vice versa).

Part of the reason why XML Schema is namespace aware while DTD is not, is the fact that XML Schema is written in XML, and DTD is not.

Therefore, XML Schemas can be programmatically processed just like any XML document.

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