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The Alpha male: He’s that guy who all the ladies want, and whose confidence all the fellas are envious of. Well, today is your lucky day because you’re about to be enlightened, brother.

Men have been pondering for ages how the lucky ones were able to raise themselves up to that pinnacle of self-actualization often achieved by Alphas.

Heading up the development and release is the founder who’s also known as the Godfather and Originator of Automated Marketing from over 20 years ago name Mr.

Thomas Prendergast along with his state of the art engineering department.

It wasn’t about being that jerk in High School who made fun of the other kids, nor is it about making enough money to own a small island in the South Pacific. Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. A true alpha Taking initiative shows confidence and maturity.

Being an Alpha Male does align with being a douche bag to women, either. An Alpha Male doesn’t wait around for the woman to ask him out, nor does he always ask “well what do you want to do? He takes initiative and doesn’t leave a woman wondering or waiting.

Speaking from experience and research here are my top 20 do’s and dont’s: I hope this helps – remember it is a competition, there are so many eligible people on these apps that it pays to be savvy about it if you want a chance of winning the girl.

These networks all started from somewhere and now are worth millions if not billions of dollars that you can’t get a dime from them, can you?

What if this new Inbound Marketing Social platform is as successful as the others?

You know many business and personal social networks out there right now, don’t you.

You probably use one, two or e few of them, haven’t you?

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