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The “Yahoo-Microsoft Search Alliance” deal was formally signed in December 2009; it received all legal clearances needed in February 2010. The deal never performed as Yahoo expected, continually falling short of revenue promises.When it came up for renewal in April 2015, under Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, it was agreed that Yahoo would have flexibility to deliver 49% of its desktop search queries however it wanted.That deal never happened, after the US Department of Justice suggested in November 2008 there would be a legal fight if the companies moved ahead.Yahoo’s CEO at the time, Jerry Yang, then said Yahoo was open to a new offer from Microsoft. He urged scientists to work together to help build a body of knowledge for all mankind.Here are a few selected sentences and paragraphs that drive his point home.

A record, if it is to be useful to science, must be continuously extended, it must be stored, and above all it must be consulted. Man cannot hope fully to duplicate this mental process artificially, but he certainly ought to be able to learn from it.He not only was a firm believer in storing data, but he also believed that if the data source was to be useful to the human mind we should have it represent how the mind works to the best of our abilities. In minor ways he may even improve, for his records have relative permanency.Our ineptitude in getting at the record is largely caused by the artificiality of the systems of indexing. Having found one item, moreover, one has to emerge from the system and re-enter on a new path. Presumably man's spirit should be elevated if he can better review his own shady past and analyze more completely and objectively his present problems.By July 2009, under new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, the idea of acquisition was replaced with a deal where Yahoo gave up its search technology in exchange for listings and ads from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, with Yahoo gaining a big cut of any ad sales.The deal was less generous than the acquisition offer from the previous year, as our comparison chart illustrates.

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