Technical co founder dating

The question therefore is how do you recruit a technical co-founder? Extremely hard to find a technical co-founder for your startup! Compelling reasons including bringing a lot of money to the table, valuable industry connections and a successful exit from your previous company. First of all let’s start with what you shouldn’t do.And what do you have to do to make sure that you are not one of the tens of thousands of other non technical cofounders who never get their idea beyond the stage of being a few pen strokes on a piece of paper. But if you are reading this post, then I presume that is not you! You shouldn’t create a listing on a founder dating site, nor should you post a job ad on Angellist seeking a cofounder for 10% equity and no ongoing salary.Some examples of tangible growth might be getting an e-mail list of people that are interested in what you’re building, getting the initial users of your product, getting letters of intent from companies who are interested in your idea or getting actual paying clients. Have a revenue model in place: This might seem like a no-brainer but before someone is going to be willing to work with you on your idea, they’re going to want to see that there’s a solid way to make money with it.The best way to prove to someone that your idea is worthy of their time is to show them that there are actual sales, or that there is sales potential.Essentially the idea is to validate your idea by creating a simple version of your product with 1–3 core features to see if your product can gain traction.

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For someone to want to work on your idea, you need to be able to show tangible growth.

On its website, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam says it prefers teams with three or more founders.

“You can apply with two founders but to really accelerate your start-up we prefer a strong team of three people,” it says.

Finding a co-founder is one of those things that can happen in an instant or it can take months of fruitless searching.

While a lot of it depends on an entrepreneur’s networks and specific requirements, it seems there is also an element of luck involved, and not everyone is fortunate enough to find their co-founder in a chance meeting.

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