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Tree patterns, defined as XPath expressions, are used to make assertions, and provide user-centred reports about XML documents.

Expressing validation rules using patterns is often easier than defining the same rule using a content model.

An XML document validated against an XML Schema is both "Well Formed" and "Valid".

With XML Schema, your XML files can carry a description of its own format.

An XML Schema describes the structure of an XML document, just like a DTD.

An XML document with correct syntax is called "Well Formed".

An overview of the architecture, with a view to producing customised versions is also provided.

This paper provides an introduction to Schematron; an innovative XML validation language developed by Rick Jelliffe.

This paper introduces the Schematron language and the available implementations.

Namespaces have been introduced to XML after the first specification of XML had received the official W3C Recommendation status.

This is the reason why (most of the) XML parser implementations do not support XML Namespaces by default, to handle the validation of XML documents with namespaces correctly it is therefore necessary to configure the underlying parsers to provide support for XML Namespaces.

With XML Schema, independent groups of people can agree on a standard for interchanging data.

Abstract Schematron [Schematron] is a structural based validation language, defined by Rick Jelliffe, as an alternative to existing grammar based approaches.

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