Whitehotdating com

A reboot of the app, which first began testing the waters in March under a different name, launches today.

We spoke with 28-year-old CEO Max Fischer about the new ways ambitious professionals are hooking up. MAX FISCHER: Be Linked used to be called Linked Up, which first went live in March.

Tinder seems to have hit a home run, except for one thing that its users keep bringing up: What is Tinder’s purpose?

Tinder’s CEO Rad and CMO Mateen think their product should be seen as an all encompassing relationship finder that could extended beyond romantic relationships: “Married people can use it to find tennis partners! Tinder’s nebulous intentions seem to be its only downside.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that the resources and preparation needed to develop any application was a big deal.

Software was expensive to design, build, deploy, and maintain.

We have no friends in common, but somehow, theoretically, they’re tangentially connected to me–maybe it’s through a friend of a friend, maybe we both just like Most are too young–20 to my 30–but that doesn’t need to stop me.

If I want, I’m just a heart-button away from a potential match. (Especially as I’m married, and testing this app only with permission!

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